Bada Socho

Life is all about thinking big and achieving even bigger. Usually, for some distinct reasons, our thinking remains constrained and hence, we end up being where we are or where we were.

At Shaligram, we have deep faith in the immense power of thinking big. Hence, we design homes that are spacious, comfortable and motivating. If you are thinking of buying a home, think big. Don't just compare rates and end prices, compare the space you are getting. If you do that, you will see that homes by Shaligram are actually cost-effective!

Just to help you think big and get even bigger, we based our campaign on #BadaSocho!

After all, how can you ensure a good life for yourself and family, if you are not able to place even a recliner chair in your bedroom, or say, if your balcony gets congested by just 2-3 persons in it? Or, if your kids' bedroom doesn't have enough space for kids to play on the floor, after just a single bed is placed in it? All these things may look small, but they can have very big impact on overall living and thinking.

Smaller home does not just limit our comforts, they hinder our growth too. Whereas, if your home is spacious, it opens up your minds as well, ensuring much-coveted freedom to do anything. Think about the space, not for the space per se, but as an enabling and empowering factor for your family and realize the difference

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