Generally, our first question is: ‘How many square feet area is there in the house’ We can say that our first need is the area we are getting in. Most of us are confused about the calculation of the total area of a house. The terminology used for the area is also very confusing.

It is quite necessary to know the area you get in return for your money when you buy a house. It is also equally necessary to understand this terminology.


It It refers to the complete area of a house which you can use. In simple words, the total of the internal area of each room, kitchen, bathroom, wash area, balcony which you can measure in inch to inch dimensions. This is known as carpet area.

In short, the carpet area means, the net usable area inside a house.

Note: It is quite necessary to keep in mind the carpet area of a flat compared to other flats before buying a house. Flower beds are not a part of carpet area.


As defined by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), the total area, including internal walls in a flat is called RERA carpet area. The wash area and balcony are mentioned separately.

In short, the RERA carpet area means - The total of carpet area and internal walls.

Note : RERA carpet area must be mentioned in the legal document. RERA carpet area should also be kept in mind while comparing with other flats.


Nowadays, it has become quite common to ask about the super built-up area, but there are no proper standards to decide it. Initially, the super built-up area was decided on the basis of common areas, utility amenities and construction, but as the competition increased in the market, the loading or percentage (%) also increased.

In short, super built-up area means The carpet area / RERA carpet area with loading. Carpet area < RERA carpet area << Super built-up area

Note: If you are informed about the super built-up area only in the Project, try to know the carpet area and RERA carpet area of the flat also, so that you can compare it properly

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